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Phantom class


Advanced Tactical Combat Shuttle







parametallic ablative hull armor, unimatrix shielding

You may be looking for the Phantom class escort.

The Phantom-class (later Phantom I-class) was a combat-oriented shuttlecraft in use by Starfleet and the Federation during the late 24th century. They were developed and built for use with starships that belong to the Akira, Invincible, Suzerain, Yamato, and other carrier-type classes of starships.


The Phantom-class is classified as a multi-role Advanced Tactical Combat Shuttle. It possesses the spaceframe of the Type-11 shuttlecraft and the retractable warp nacelle configuration of a Delta Flyer-class shuttlecraft. It is 16 meters long, 9 meters wide, and 4.5 meters high.

Functions and CapabilitiesEdit

The Phantom-class is a type of fighter shuttle that is designed to do the following:

  • Enter and seize control of enemy space while in the offensive
  • Engage in direct combat with defending enemy fighters of comparable size
  • Provide defense to a specific target (e.g. a moving or stationary starship, or a starbase/space station)
  • Provide defense over a large area of territory from attack (e.g. a star system)
  • Defend a fleet of starships traveling in sub-warp speeds, or in warp speeds but within short distances.
  • Perform reconnaissance missions
  • Conduct orbit-to-surface strikes
  • Suppress enemy ground defense


Because its propulsion, defensive and offensive systems occupy a great amount of space, the Phantom-class cockpit is designed only for one pilot. It has a maximum rated mission duration of one week or seven days. As such, it is equipped with a simple food replicator for nourishment. It also has an emergency transporter for situations where there is imminent destruction of the craft and the pilot must escape.

There is no rear hatchway on the Phantom-class, as usually found on standard shuttlecrafts. Instead, in the traditional manner that fighter pilots do it, the Phantom-class pilot embarks and disembarks through the cockpit canopy, which can be lifted up from its hatches.


The Phantom-class is larger than a Rogue-class starfighter. Nevertheless, it is light, very agile, very fast and more powerful. It incorporates many state-of-the-art technologies like high warp capabilities at short distances and high maneuverability in both sub-warp and warp speeds. It can travel at warp 9 for a period of one hour, warp 7.5 for three days and warp 6 for seven days

Weapons SystemsEdit

The Phantom boasts of an arsenal of two micro-torpedo launchers, at one on each shoulder of the warp nacelle. It also is equipped with one ventral torpedo pod. That is capable of loading and launching up to four standard sized torpedoes.

For face to face combats against fighters of comparable size, the Phantom-class uses its four micro pulse phaser cannons.

Defense SystemsEdit

The Phantom-class is coated with a thick parametallic ablative hull armor, and is protected by regenerative unimatrix shielding.

Vanguard CommandEdit

By 2385, the Phantom-class became the primary fighter complement of Fleet Carriers, Heavy Battleships and other carrier-type starships.

There are one hundred and forty-four (144) Phantom-class Advanced Tactical Combat Shuttles onboard Invincible-class Fleet Carrier-Heavy Battleship hybrid, divided into sixteen (16) squadrons of nine (9) fighters each. There are ninety (90) Phantom-class fighters onboard the Suzerain-class Fleet Carrier, and there are seventy (72) of them onboard the Yamato-class Heavy Battleship.

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