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You may be looking for the Phantom class shuttle.

The Phantom-class (officially Phantom II-class) was a type of starship escort used by Starfleet in the early 25th century. It was part of the intel line of starships designed for intelligence gathering and infiltration missions.


Technical information

The Phantom-class was designed for stealth, speed, and concentrated firepower. To this end starships of the class were equipped with a cloaking device and active sensor arrays. The arrays allowed the starship to gather information about and expose vulnerabilities in its target. Translucent panels along the front edges of the saucer shielded instruments that coordinated data from the class's active sensor probe.

In order for it to conduct surprise ambushes and hit-and-run attacks upon enemy formations, the Phantom-class's profile was designed to maximize its ability to stay hidden while it approached hostile ships under cloak. To this end, the ship's hull consisted of a small, flattened saucer hull with two compact, low-profile warp nacelles.

The class's main deflector dish was almost hidden, within a recessed niche along the dorsal surface of the main hull. The slightly raised bridge area was flanked by two armored secondary hull compartments which extended slightly past the trailing edge of the saucer, then linked up in a spoiler configuration.

The standard hull material of the Phantom-class was black, with no visible windows, rendering the starships difficult to see against the background of space. Translucent panels along the front edges the saucer shielded instruments that coordinated data from the active sensor probe once launched.

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