Alternate timeline
(covers information from Imperial Commonwealth of Planets)

The Palace of Unity is a large structure situated in the city of Rome, which rests on the Italic Peninsula of the planet Earth.  It is the seat of power of the Imperial Commonwealth of Planets.

This building was constructed over a science academy, erected over the ruins of St. Peter's Basilica, the seat of power for the Catholic Church before the Federation undertook the Purge.  Ricarius Solivade, the Emperor of the Imperial Commonwealth, demanded that the science academy be torn down, because he believed that 'St. Peter's Basilica was demolished and replaced with this as a statement to all who have faith and believe in a higher power: You will not be welcome in the Federation.  But in the Empire, you will most certainly be welcome, whether you have faith in something or not!"  He built the Palace of Unity atop the demolished academy to represent 'the idea that harmony between science and faith can be found, and that neither idea is at war with the other.'

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