Order 865 is a Starfleet General Order issued by Admiral Sanders in 2344.


By General Order of the President of the United Federation of Planets, Starfleet Command and the Federation Council in session, the Starships designated as USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-C) and USS Admonitor and their adjoining crew are hereby declared as enemies of said United Federation of Planets.

In accordance to this Order, the above-mentioned dignitaries have declared that the aforementioned traitors are to be shot and killed on sight by all citizens loyal to the United Federation of Planets. This is not out of any negative feelings for them, since Humans are evolved beyond petty hatreds, but because these rebels seek to overthrow the order, peace and the utopia established by the United Federation of Planets. Their influence is great, especially since they control a ship named after the Federation's most famous flagship, the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).

Furthermore, the above-mentioned dignitaries of the United Federation of Planets have hereby further decreed that the ships designated are also to be fired upon and destroyed without compromise, truce, pardon or hesitation.

In addition, any planets visited by said ships and their rebellious crew as well as any species with which they have initiated the rite of "First Contact" are to be viewed as under the corruptible influence of said rebels and will be conditioned appropriately.

In conclusion, this dignified body declares that any member of the United Federation of Planets, be it civilian or enlisted personnel, who is communicating, conversing, or lending assistance to the above-mentioned rebellious ships and/or persons in any way will be considered as willfully lending support to known enemies of the Federation. Such actions will be considered a willful and malicious act of treason, and such persons committing such acts will be considered as partner and compatriot to these rebels and will be disposed of accordingly.

Federation Council in session. June 6, 2344 CE. Stardate: 23415.679.

Order 865-AEdit

In 2405, the order - which was somewhat annulled in 2346 - was reinstated and modified...

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