Omega Molecule

Stabilized Omega Molecule

Represented only by the Greek symbol of Omega, the Omega molecule is a form of typically unstable Sub-Quantum Ultra-Hyper Macro Energy Particle. It is believed to be one of the most powerful energy based substances in the known galaxy. Some Imperial Federation cosmologists believe that Omega may have existed in nature at the instant of Universal Cohesion or maybe even possibly earlier. An Omega Molecule is so energetic that just only one would power an entire civilization almost indefinitely, but it is also so volatile that its detonation would ruin subspace for light-years around.

Particle MechanicsEdit

To the Borg, Andorians, Vulcans, and even Humans, the Omega molecule is perfection incarnate. The entire structure of the molecule is Newtonian Science in its purest form. Starfleet used Omega molecules to replace matter in warp cores. The particle is self-sustaining, self-replicating, and so self interconnected that if only one of these particles were to destabilize it would create a cascade effect that would make the entire molecular structure unstable and create a subspace-based explosion that would rupture the area of subspace surrounding it at a radius of about thirty light-years and the rupture's effects would last at least six years.


  • Borg Designation: Energy Particle 010
  • Particle Structure: The Omega molecule maintains stabilization by utilizing its own Energy Resonance Frequency as a material dimensional stabilization thread (very much in the same way our own universe maintains Dimensional Environmental cohesion). The Molecule has a interweaving inter-atomic structure consisting of 100 tridodecahedron interconnected Sub-Quantum Exotic Particles.

Primary Particle SourcesEdit

The Primary substance and stabilization source is primarily found in Boronite ore.

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