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Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)
Omega A26-11


Series-IV Heavy Assault Probes


Holographic Female Avatar


May 31, 2364

System Configuration:

Dilithium Crystal Mini-Sphere


Imperial Federation of United Worlds


Secondary (Special) Weapons/Scouting System


Microwarp hub
400 High Impact Maneuvering Micro-thrusters

Max Velocity:



100 Heavy Micro-Phaser Banks
6 Optronic Phaser cannons
12 Pulse Blast Arrays
1 Phalanx CIWS Array (Hull Wide)


Heavy Particle Shield Array
1 internal Corbomite Reaction Shield Generator
Tritanium (outer Hull)
Ultrareactive Neutronium/Anti-Neutronium Inner Hull


The Omega A26-11 series assault probe is one of three primary automated defense systems used on all Imperial Warships throughout the Imperial Federation

System BasicsEdit

System Primary Construction/Design: Imperion Defensive Munition Systems, Utopia City, Mars

System ConfigurationEdit

Bio-Neural Techno Organic Computer Core with a integrated Class-11 AI Command Interface. The probe is centrally controlled from the Ships Strategic Command Matrix.

Internal Weapons CoreEdit

The probe contains a central internal reactive core of a Anti-Deturium/Anti-Neutronium focused explosive charges.

Power SourcesEdit

Primary: Dilithium Crystal Condensed Energy Matrix (the hyper condensed Matrix can power the unit for up to 20 years).

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