The Omega-13 Molecule is a Hyper Evolved/Upgraded form of the Omega Molecule. It was created as a primary Power/Fuel Source that was used in all Vekxel-class Ultra-Ships & Imperial Warships throughout most of the 26th and early 28th centuries.

Particle MechanicsEdit

The Main Superstructure of the molecule consists of 13 interatomically connected Omega Molecules that while appear to randomly reposition themselves are actually periodically realigning themselves into the most power efficient structure (according to the power situation).

Molecule Power ControlEdit

The molecules maximum power output is activated through the central power command control matrix. After the command sequence is entered the molecule is super-vented into the Central Compression Chamber where the Molecule begins to Ultra Accelerate and compress into its Ultra Atomic energy form. The Ultra Macro Atom is then exposed to a micro Sub-Quantum field pulse (created by Acrilex Crystals) which allows the molecule to generate massive amounts of energy at controlled levels (without the controlling pulse the molecule would automatically create a "Big Bang" Effect which would be catastrophic).

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