Office of Admirality Insignia 002

Central Admirality Insignia

The Office of the Admiralty was the supreme body for the administration of the Federation Starfleet. It is composed of all Flag Officers of Starfleet who are assigned to the main administrative divisions of Starfleet Command. It is headed by the Chiefs of Division and is chaired by the Starfleet Commander-in-Chief.

Dominion WarEdit

In simple ceremonies on the bridge of the Defiant-class USS Sao Paulo, Vice Admiral William J. Ross handed over command of the ship to Captain Benjamin Sisko in 2375 (Stardate 52861.3). Ross issued the orders on authority of the Office of the Admiralty, which “requested and required” Sisko to take command of the vessel. In those same orders, Sisko was given special dispensation by the Chief of Starfleet Operations to change the name of the USS Sao Paulo to the USS Defiant.

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