Norvo Ahjess Pico
Norvo Pico




Trill (not-joined)







USS Xir'Tan (2379)


Ensign (2378)


Norvo Pico was a Trill Starfleet Officer in the later 24th century.

Early LifeEdit

Norvo Ahjess Pico was born on stardate 33124.8 in Ganses Proper on Trill to his father Yolad and mother Kell. A neonatal blood disorder disqualified him from being ever being joined to a symbiont.

Pico's first off-world experience was an elementary school field trip to Caldik Prime. He also spent a summer on Vulcan to visit with his father's older sister, who worked as a diplomat there.

Late in his schooling, he took an interest in learning the Denobulan language - a trait that helped him standout among his peers. As he began teaching himself Dominionese, a teacher who's brother was a Starfleet officer recommended he consider applying if language was an interest of his, so Pico submitted his application - and later took further tests at Starbase 621 before finally being accepted to the Earth Campus.


In 2374, Norvo applied to Starfleet Academy based on his initial interest in lingusitics. He studied under the communications/operations track, and graduated in 2378.

Upon graduation, Norvo was assigned to the Andorian Orbital Operations center as an Auxiliary Communications Officer and worked on the Incoming/Outgoing Starship Management team.

On stardate 56214.7, he was reassigned to the USS Xir'Tan as Assistant Bridge Operations Officer. His assignment there has included adventures and missions to planets such as Klendth, Benecia, and Ohmizai Kaytorn V.

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