Norkova type
Norkova type






Norkova type aft view

The Norkova-type starship was a type of freighter primarily used by civilians in the 24th century. They were known to operate under the authorities of multiple species. However, Norkova-type vessels were often found in and around Federation space, which may indicate some level of connection with the Federation. It is possible that the type was designed or developed by the Federation. The type may be a variant of the Antares-class.

They were shown carrying a variety of cargo, but often ores and minerals, though this was not always the case. These ships were relatively common in the 2360s and 2370s, but have also been seen as early as the 2330s. The interior was easily customizable and could be fitted with different console styles. The basic bridge configuration lacked a captain's chair. Instead, there was large central console that could be manned by two crewmembers, one of which was often the captain.

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