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Newport News Shipyards is the smallest shipyard located in Earth orbit, with its shore offices probably located in the area of the Old Newport News Shipyards. Newport News Shipyards built ships between 2221 through 2410. The yards was retired in 2410 for bigger fleet yards like Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.

Among the ship classes built at the Newport News Shipyards include the Constellation, Excelsior, States and Steamrunner-classes.

Facility StatisticsEdit

  • 15 Defense Platforms
  • 30 Odyssey Depots
  • 64 Space Pads
  • 2 Type 1 Drydocks
  • 2 Type 2 Drydocks
  • 2 Type 3 Drydocks
  • 1 Type 4 Drydocks
  • 2 Groundbase Drydocks
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Sector 001
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