The Neurogenic Protocore is the central Neural Interface of most Federation Starships and Imperial Federation Warships from the late 24th to most of the 39th century.

System Main Functions

The main purpose of the Protocore is to act as a ship main integrated Navigational and Command control system. By interlinking with the ship Captain and main helm the core acts as a Ship Co-Pilot. The core also acts as a direct control system for all main propulsion and weapons systems essentially acting as the ships 2nd Officer.

Secondary Functions

The other function of the core is to maintain the safety and comfort of the crew as much as possible (such as maintaining atmosphere, food, and secondary medical care) at all times.

System Configuration

The main configuration of the Neurogenic Protocore consists of a genetically engineered Bio-Plasmic Computer core centrally housed within the ships main drive system core. The entire core is encased in a Biogenic Field shell (also known as a Hyper REM Field). This shell allows the core to easily interact with a ships entire crew simultaneously and perform multiple tasks at once. The shell also acts as a Neurogenic Restructure grid which as the term says restructures the crew members neural energy signature in order to match and be more synchronous with the core and all of its Sub-Systems.

System Interactivity

The system injects a series of bio mechanical nanoinjection tubes and disperses a stream of nanoprobes into the ships crew in order to create a seamless connection between ship and crew. After which the system can respond to the crews commands in the same instant as they think of it.

(However it should be noted that this system is closer to the neural interface used by Admiral Janeway during Endgame rather than a Borg neural transceiver since the users retain full individuality.)

System Classes

Just as the Command Core Hologram (a system which the core later replaced) the Protocore manifests itself in the form of a fully interactive biogenic artificial avatar. Typically female in appearance 3 main classes or types of the core were produced each with different abilities. Each class was given a name each is from a different fairy tale:

  • Alice (Class-1): (Universal-class) The Alice system controls over all central/main ships function (including navigation, main defence, and ship propulsion systems).
  • Dorothy (Class-2): (Heavy Combat-class) The Dorothy System is solely designed for Heavy Weapons ships only. The system can deliver mass impact to multiple heavily armed targets at once.
  • Wendy (Class-3): (Full Impact Flight-class) The Wendy system is used mainly for high maneuverability fighter ships. It can anticipate the pilots/helm thoughts for complete and precise maneuvering in any high combat situation.