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2366 S-Engineering Lieutenant

For Warship Voyager counterpart, see Natasha Yar (Warship VOY).

Natasha Yar was a human female who is most known for her short term as Chief of Security of the USS Enterprise-D, lasting only one year after which she was killed in action.

Early life

Born in 2337 on Turkana IV, Tasha spent most part of her life fighting for survival in the chaos of that world. In 2352, Tasha left Turkana to find some kind of future for herself. She believed she found that in the Federation, after which she attended Starfleet Academy and became a security officer. After a daring rescue mission, she was appointed to Chief of Security aboard the flagship of the Federation: the USS Enterprise-D.

Short career

Yar was fanatically loyal to the Federation (despite the fact that it had been the Federation Council and Starfleet Command which had caused the chaos on her homeworld as a "guinea pig experiment" in order to make a new generation of people who would, upon being allowed into the Federation, become fanatically loyal to it), which got her into very serious danger during the "Encounter at Farpoint" when she confronted Q.

During a routine rescue mission, Yar was killed without warning on Vagra II. She was only a few months into her post on the Enterprise.

Alternate Realities

Though Natasha Yar died early in the prime universe, her legacy in the other universes long outlived her counterpart in our reality.

Conflict Reality

Natasha Yar & Richard Castillo Enterprise-C

Yar on the bridge of the USS Enterprise-C, 2344

In an alternate reality when war broke out between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Natasha Yar was still alive on the USS Enterprise-D. When it encountered the USS Enterprise-C from the past, she fell for Richard Castillo, the emergency replacement First Officer.

(Edward Shield later commented that he never saw Rick ever like someone the way he liked her).

Jean-Luc Picard later told Rachel Garrett (the then captain) that she had to return to 2344, despite the fact that it would be suicide to do so. When Yar later discovered from Guinan that she did not exist in the prime universe, she chose to remain behind with the USS Enterprise-C.

There are only two accounts of how she died in this reality, from Sela and Edward Shield; both agree that, during the battle at Narendra III, Romulans beamed onto the USS Enterprise-C and took prisoners of the crewmen. Natasha Yar was one of them. She would later give birth to Sela by a Romulan commander. When Natasha tried to escape from her "captivity", young Sela cried out, betraying her own mother even at the moments of innocent youth. Natasha Yar was later executed by the Romulans for her escape attempt and attempted kidnapping.

Mirror Universe

In the mirror universe, Natasha Yar was among several Terrans captured by the Cardassians at youth and brain-washed into becoming Terran-killing machines for the Obsidian Order (mirror).

Martian Imperial Federation

See Natasha Yar (Warship VOY).

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