Ensign Naomi Wildman

Naomi Wildman

Naomi Wildman was a half Human half Ktarian hybrid born on the USS Voyager in 2372 to Samantha Wildman. She was the first of two children to be born on Voyager, the other one being born to Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, named Miral.

Her father was Ktarian and was named Greskrendtregk and was stationed on Deep Space 9 when Voyager was stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Unknown to both Samantha and Greskrendtregk, Samantha was pregnant when she left aboard Voyager.

The real Naomi Wildman died due to hemocythermia in which a subspace divergence field caused Voyager to be duplicated. The Naomi Wildman from the copied Voyager was brought aboard just before the copied Voyager self-destructed.


  • Naomi was born two years before her friend, Lillian Crusher. However, Naomi's mother, Samantha is a year older than Lillian's father, Wesley.

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