Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)

Delphis ii -mic1


NXT 233445-1210


Wells (Warship VOY)



Delphis ii -mic2

Infinity (Imperial Registry: NXT 233445-1210) is a Wells-class High Combat Temporal protection Cruiser commissioned by the Imperial Starfleet Temporal Command to insure the protection of the timeline of the Warship Voyager Universe and to protect the Federation protected sectors within the Delta Quadrant.

Ships HistoryEdit

Construction HistoryEdit

Infinity was the first ship built for the Imperial project known as the Temporal Defense Initiative. Construction of Infinity started on November 2, 2389 on Advanced Warship Logistics (Special Projects), a classified Sub-Division of Utopia Phoenix, Orbital Platform 2336-22 orbiting over Illari VII. One of the ships many sub projects was the Daystrom A.I. Defense Project. The main purpose of the project was to further integrate Various Artificial Intelligence systems into all Imperial Starfleet Defense Warships.

Crew ManifestEdit

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