Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)

Stuss cheyenne class


NXT 1701-1284-D


Galaxy (Warship VOY)




Enterprise (Imperial Registry: NXT 1701-1284-D) is a Galaxy-class High Combat Warship sent on exploration missions throughout the Beta and Gamma Quadrants. Under the Command of Imperial Commanding Officer Natasha Yar the Enterprise made numerous Discoveries/Advancements in Combat, Medical, And Civilian Sciences and various forms of Weapons Technology. Some discoveries also helped in the participation of forming many current alliances in the Federation such as the Illiarian War Council, Bajorian-Cardassian Alliance, and the Ferengi Trade Federation

Construction HistoryEdit

The Enterprise-D is the 21st Galaxy-class Warship built for front line imperial defense.

  • Main (Primary) Construction: Utopia Phoenix Orbital Platform 18
  • Secondary Construction: Warbase Phoenix 12 (within main repair section)
  • Imperial Construction Supervisor: Dr. Leah Brahms (Imperial Starfleet R&D)
  • Main Tactical Systems Supervisor: Imperial High Officer Norah Satie
  • Final Systems Completion and shakedown: McKinley Orbital Station

Crew ManifestEdit

Command CrewEdit

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