Nomad-Tanru hybrid

NOMAD MK-15 Unit

The NOMAD Emergency Automated Drone system is a Emergency Omega System for most Imperial Warships in the 24th and some Federation Starships in the early 25th century.

System BasicsEdit

  • Created at: Malurian System Operations, Maluria 12
  • Date of Creation: January 14, 2341

System Main FunctionsEdit

To act as the ship emergency Engineering and Medical Repair Drone. A complete automaton NOMAD responds and is controlled by either the Command Core Hologram, Neurogenic Protocore, or whoever the commanding officer is for whatever task is required of the unit.

System MechanicsEdit

The NOMAD functions on a completely wireless level linking with all ships systems and can super-magnetically maneuver any solid and some liquid objects in order to efficiently repair any ships systems.

NOMAD Sub-ClassesEdit

The unit is in several Sub-Classes according to each units individual function:

  • NOMAD MK-15 (Engineering)
  • NOMAD MK-25 (Medical and Bio-Mechanics)
  • NOMAD MK-28 (Heavy Emergency Combat) this units single particle energy blast equals the blast force of 90 Photonic Torpedos

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