The Multi-Phasic Shield System differs from Multiphasic Shielding.The Multi-Phasic Shield is a Combat System equipped aboard most ships going into high risk combat situations and into direct combat with the Borg.

System MechanicsEdit

The mechanics of the Multi-Phasic Shield are similar to both the Heavy Particle Shield and Pulse Phaser systems in the sense that it utilized the abilities of both systems in somewhat the same way. The shield "Trans-Phases" its own Energy Resonance Frequency and energy particle composition into varying strengths and interatomic structures in order to withstand almost all known forms of energy and projectile based weaponry. The Trans-Phase process is possible by utilizing a Graviton/Quantum Resonance generator which at optimum conditions can rapid phase the shield at the rate of 200.5 Phase Shifts per second. The shield prevents the Borg from adapting to a ship's shield harmonics, and cancels the effect of their ships holding beams and tractor beams.

System HistoryEdit

The Multi-Phasic Shield was originally designed at a Starfleet Developmental Labs in 2356 in order to defend ships against Borg incursions. 

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