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Morgaiah ir-Sheratan t'Thavrau
Morgan t'Thavrau
Morgan t'Thavrau in 2410








Pale green




Sheratan VII


Romulan Republican Force



CO, RRW Aen'rhien


subadmiral (khre'riov)


Active (2410)





Iliana t'Thavrau

Marital Status:



Morgaiah ir-Sheratan t'Thavrau, better known as Morgan t'Thavrau, was a Romulan Republican Force officer active in the early 25th century.


Born on Sheratan VII in 2359, Morgan was the daughter of Iliana t'Thavrau, an administrative aide employed by the Imperial Senate who worked for a number of influential senators over the course of her forty-four year career. Morgan suspected that one of these senators, likely Merken tr'Vreenak based on timing, was her father, but her mother remained tight-lipped about the matter until her death in the Hobus supernova. She acquired her nickname from Gina Parker, a childhood friend and the daughter of a Federation ambassador.

Morgan graduated from the Romulan Naval Academy in 2382 on science track with specializations in botany and physics, but was swept up in the Romulan Civil War near the end of her first tour of duty on the IRW Albintian. She was taking a watch on the bridge when a ship of the Imperial Romulan State decloaked and attacked. The conn officer was killed and Morgan took the helm, managing to get the ship to safety. It got her noticed and within two years she was the first officer of the Albintian.

End of a career

Disaster struck in 2387. The Hobus event killed virtually everyone Morgan had ever known, both on Romulus and Sheratan. She was then gravely wounded when the Albintian, escorting the few survivors of the Senate, was disabled by the Narada. Morgan was badly wounded in the attack, and while she was recovering from surgery the Albintian's Tal'Shiar political officer decided that the younger Romulan's next assignment should be to his bed. Morgan managed to kill him in self-defense but decided that it was no longer safe for her to remain in the Romulan Star Navy.

During the next resupply stop she stole a shuttle and jumped ship, joining a refugee convoy. She eventually ended up on a fleaspeck agri-world called Virinat where she would live for the next twenty-one years under the guise of a simple farmer.

Called to duty

By 2409 Morgan, now going by Morgan ir-Virinat t'Thavrau, had gained a reputation as one of the top vintners and ale brewers on the planet, and even exported her products offworld under the label t'Thavrau Wineries. During the Tapping that January the colony was attacked by a combined Tal'Shiar/Elachi force. Morgan and her friend Tovan tr'Khev fought their way to the shuttleport and got aboard a Kestrel-class runabout with several other colonists, manning an old T'liss-class warbird, IRW Tovarek, that had been left in orbit by its crew when they settled on Virinat.

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