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Mercury (or Sol I) is the first planet in the Sol system. It is riddled with craters that sometimes hold ice. It was named after the Roman messenger god. It has an extremely high surface temperatures on the side that faces Sol, but on it's farther side it can have temperatures well below zero.


There are many different theories on how Mercury was created. The most widely accepted theory in the Federation is that about 4.4 billion years ago it formed from mostly iron, copper, and rock from the Sol planetary nebula. The young planetary body then cooled; over the billions of years in it's existence as a solid body, it has been impacted many thousands of times.

On the other hand, many Creationists believe it was created by God. They believe that it was created in the year 4004 BC, it may have had a few craters then along with a possible atmosphere. In 2400 BC, the planet had its atmosphere ripped off by a gamma ray burst and it was then bombarded by many asteroids. Their theories are largely suppressed from the general public.


There is no evidence of any life ever existing on Mercury.

As of 2127, Humans placed a small colony in the planets north pole. The colony was largely placed underground with only a few acres of solar panels on the surface. Colonies have since then grown.

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