Primary Heavy Weapons


Primary Particle Beam


50 to 6,000 Isotons

Lethal Range:

10 Parsecs


A Mega-Phaser (also known technically as a type 25 Heavy Phaser) was one of the Primary Heavy Weapons Systems used on many Starfleet and Klingon Vessels from the late 24th to mid late 25th century. The Mega-Phaser was used primarily on most heavy cruisers and heavy assault cruisers.

System HistoryEdit

The Mega-Phaser was developed during the arms race between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in order to enhance Phaser technology as far as it could go (However it is believed that there may be the possibility of an Ultra-Phaser under Development). While an efficient and powerful weapon, The Mega-Phaser is extremely difficult to aim mainly due to its heavy recoil granting its user a limited arc of fire. In order to compensate for this disability, the Phaser is mounted onto 3-dimensionally rotating Anti-Gravity Turrets.

Borak megaphasers mounted in turrets may be destroyed by damage penetrating the shield through which the weapons are currently facing. Borak megaphasers not mounted in turrets may only be destroyed by damage penetrating the shield through which they fire, normally the one. Megaphasers are ranked above phaser cannons for purposes of damage priority.

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