Marxus Prime








Marxus Prime is a Class-M Planet of the Marxi system.


The planet was first discovered by the Federation in the 22nd century, where it was discovered that this planet was revered by the inhabitants and various other races they encountered. After gaining permission, a mining colony was placed on the planet were it was discovered that an abundance of precious stones and valued minerals were located deep within the planet's bowels.

Full Federation StatusEdit

The native inhabitants revered the minerals due to their qualities and brilliance, and it was seen as an offense to rob the planet of its most precious stones. They revolted, but the Federation retaliated by forcing them into work camps to mine their own revered minerals. The natives died off slowly this way.

With the natives gone, many more colonies started coming here to continue mining for precious minerals. This planet became the unofficial center of commerce in the Alpha Quadrant. The Federation held the planet first, and therefore had first claims to the wealth of the world, despite protests from non-Federation groups. Several assaults were made on the planet, but the defenses were so sufficient that few have ever dared attack the planet, since any such assaults are guaranteed to fail.

Security StatusEdit

As one of the most secure places in the Alpha Quadrant, Marxus Prime has become the center for all commerce in the Federation (despite propaganda that humans have an evolved and "complex" economy that is completely devoid of monetary gain). Due to its security, the Federation credit system has been established, using the resources of the planet to act as depositary.

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