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Mars Terraformed






Imperial Federation of United Worlds

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Mars is the 4th planet in the Sol (official Imperial Federation designation) System, Human Homeworld, and headquarters of the Imperial Federation of United Worlds. Named in the age of antiquity after the ancient god of war Mars/Ares.

Planet Overview

First formed 4.54 Billion Years ago. Mars is a terrestrial planet with a surprisingly heavy atmosphere. Mars primary surface features range from massive surface craters to Valleys, mountain ranges, deserts, forests, and polar ice caps (primarily Carbon not water based) which are reminiscent of Earth (Prime Universe). Mars is the home of Olympus Mons the tallest mountain in the entire solar system and the largest natural Geo-Thermal power complex in the world. Olympus Mons has singlehandedly powered nearly all of Mars for nearly 500 years. Mars also has the largest canyon Valles Marineris. Both natural mineral resources and as many elemental and particle based products from the planets Bio-Sphere, all contribute highly needed resources that are used to support the majority of Mars (Primarily) Human Population, as well as supplies for the main core of Imperial Starfleets Military Forces.


Mars topsoil is composed primarily of an Silicone rich volcanic Basalt which is similar to andesitic rock and Iron Oxide which gives Mars its heavy magnetic field.


In the Warship Voyager universe, Mars is the planet of origin of Humanity along with literally trillions of various animal, insect, and aquatic species throughout.

Originally, the planet was harsh, rocky and cold. However, several evolutionary epochs occurred which drastically changed the course of life on this planet.


Mars has two natural satellites, Phobos and Deimos. The largest of them became a terra-formed colony-moon, as well as the last line of the Martian Defense Grid. The smaller, outer planet was the "look-out" planet and the first-line of the Defense Grid.