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Mars Terraformed
A terraformed Mars in the 26th century
For mirror universe planet, see Sol IV.
For additional meanings of "Mars", please see Mars (disambiguation).

Mars (or Sol IV) was the fourth planet in the Sol system. It was named after the Roman God of War, due to its rusty surface appearance. Mars also has two asteroidic-moons named Phobos and Deimos, which mean "fear" and "terror" respectively.

In the 26th century, Mars was terraformed by the GITR. The Terraformation took seventy-eight years to complete.

Parallel universes and alternate timelinesEdit

Advanced WorldsEdit

Mars (formerly Sol IV) was a class D planet. After it was terraformed into a class M planet, it was renamed Novos Terra by the United Earth Government.

Omega universeEdit

Mars was a strategically important planet for the Earth Republic and was colonized by Humans in 2103.

Following the Vulcan Civil War, several Vulcan relics and artifacts were sent to Mars for archiving. Several Vulcan refugees established the Martian Museum of Vulcan Culture to help preserve Vulcan culture and keep it from dying out.

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