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Malcolm Reed
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Terran Empire



ISS Enterprise NX-01



Malcolm Reed, IAMD1
For prime universe counterpart, see Malcolm Reed.

In the mirror universe, Malcolm Reed was the leader of the Terran MACO detachment aboard the ISS Enterprise and had served as its Chief Tactical and Security Officer. Malcolm holds the rank of Major.

Terran Imperial Starfleet CareerEdit

Following the recovery of the USS Defiant from Tholian space in 2155, Reed was part of the force hunting the Gorn taskmaster, Slar, and was severely injured by a booby-trap laid by the stowaway. Reed was treated by Doctor Phlox, who speculated that if Reed died that there would be a number of discreet celebrations. However, Reed eventually recovered, though he was left with only one eye, and a metal plate on the left side of his face. In 2161, he became First officer of the ISS Endeavour.

ISS PioneerEdit

In 2162 Reed was promoted to Captain and given command of the ISS Pioneer by Admiral Jonathan Archer when Travis Mayweather was released from prison he was made First officer of the Pioneer at the rank of Lieutenant Commander Mayweather was never promoted to full Commander as he betrayed the empire by helping Hoshi Sato.

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