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Listening Post 204RT


Paul Revere


Federation, Starfleet


Active (2409)



2 Type X phaser arrays


Deflector shield


Ibn Yunus (Type-10 shuttlecraft)


Listening Post 204RT was a Paul Revere-class Starfleet listening post located in the Oort cloud of the Sol system, 45 astronomical units from Sol. (RFRP: "Logical Routines")


204RT was part of a network of telemetry processing stations on the fringes of the Sol system constructed in the aftermath of the Battle of Wolf 359 and the subsequent ramp-up in Starfleet's peacetime forces and war preparedness. It processed data from microsatellites monitoring a thirty-degree cone of the system edge, with a detection range reaching 1/3 light-years towards 40 Eridani and Epsilon Indi.

During the Dominion War 204RT gave the first alert that Breen warships were en route for the raid on Earth. However the Breen were able to jam its transmissions before any message other than Case Zulu could be sent.

In 2409 Lieutenant Tiyerissel ch'Kreem was placed in command of the post, as Starfleet Medical had assessed his new biosynthetic leg as not safe for field duty due to constant cramping at the join. (RFRP: "Logical Routines")

Raid on Utopia Planitia

On March 2 204RT detected a large warp signature, which identified itself as the USS DeWitt. Not long after this, Crewman Yasmin Sherazi spotted a tachyon burst. Lieutenant ch'Kreem and Operations Specialist, First Class Bikog Bu-Tal-Rek took the outpost's shuttlecraft Ibn Yunus to investigate, and were attacked and killed by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey.

Chief Petty Officer Sally Blackhawk acted quickly, transmitting an alarm signal to Starfleet Command on Earth. (RFRP: "Things Are Looking Up", "Why Do You Fight?")