Lieutenant junior grade (often abbreviated to lieutenant J.G. or simply J.G.), or junior lieutenant is a military rank, the equivalent of which is used by the service organizations of many civilizations. A naval rank in a small number of Earth's ancient navies (such as the United States Navy), it is placed between ensign and full lieutenant. The rank is used primarily by the Federation Starfleet, although its United Earth predecessor (from which it primarily takes its rank structure) may also have had this grade.

During certain points in its history, Starfleet has discontinued the rank of lieutenant junior grade, promoting Ensigns directly to the full grade of lieutenant. This was the case in the early 2270s, when ensigns adopted the sleeve insignia of the former lieutenant J.G. rank, the J.G. rank being done away with. Historical records also indicate that the Earth Starfleet did not use the rank during the 2150s.

Rank insignia of Starfleet lieutenants junior grade

Command-Service Operations-Service Sciences-Service
2150s Earth cmd lt Earth ops lt Earth sci lt
2160s Cmd lt 2160s Eng-ops lt 2160s Sci lt 2160s
2230s 2230s cmd lt 2230s yel lt 2230s gray lt
2240s 2240s gold officer 2240s red officer 2240s blue officer
2240s 2240s coral officer
2250s 2250s conn officer sleeve 2250s red ops sleeve 2250s sci officer sleeve
2250s 2250s cmd green officer sleeve 2250s ops officer sleeve
2260s Yel Lt jg 2266 Red Lt jg 2266 Blue Lt jg 2266
2260s 2260s cmd green ltjg 2260s cmd beige ltjg
2270s 2270s cmd lt 2270s eng lt 2270s sci lt
2270s 2270s helm lt 2270s sec lt 2270s med lt
2280s 2285 Command Lieutenant JG 2280s Eng Lt jg 2280s service ltjg
2280s 2280s mil ltjg 2280s sec ltjp 2285 Medical Lieutenant JG
2280s 2280s sup ltjg
2350s 2350 - LTJG (Command)-1- 2350s ops ltjg 2350s sci ltjp
2360s 2366 S-Command Lieutenant JG Yel Lt jg 2364 Blu Lt jg 2364
2370s Red Lt jg 2371 Yel Lt jg 2371 Blu Lt jg 2371
2370s 2373 Command Lieutenant JG 2373 Engineering Lieutenant JG 2373 Medical Lieutenant JG
2400s Red Ltjg 2400s Yel Ltjg 2400s Blue Ltjg 2400s

Alternate lieutenant junior grade insignia

Command-Service Operations-Service Sciences-Service
2250s 2250s alt cmd lt 2250s alt ops lt 2250s alt sci lt

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