Lieutenant Commander is a traditional naval rank. It was once used in the old navies of Earth, among them the United States Navy and the Royal Navy. In these organizations, a lieutenant commander was a grade between the ranks of lieutenant and commander.

By the 22nd century, lieutenant commander had apparently become defunct and was not used in the Earth Starfleet. A century later, in the early 2260s, lieutenant commander was being used by the Federation Starfleet.

A lieutenant commander can serve as either the commanding officer or executive officer of small- to medium-sized vessels or serve as the department head (in addition to being the second officer or third officer) onboard a larger vessel.

Rank insignia of Starfleet lieutenant commandersEdit

Command-Service Command-Duty Operations-Service Operations-Duty Sciences-Service Sciences-Duty
2270s 2270 Command Lieutenant Commander 2270 Engineering Lieutenant Commander 2270 Medical Lieutenant Commander
2270s 2270 - LCDR (White)-1-
2280s 2285 Command Lieutenant Commander 2285 Engineering Lieutenant Commander 2285 Medical Lieutenant Commander
2350s 2350 - LCDR (Command)-1-
2360s 2366 S-Command Lieutenant Commander 2366 D-Command Lieutenant Commander 2366 S-Engineering Lieutenant Commander 2366 D-Engineering Lieutenant Commander 2366 S-Medical Lieutenant Commander 2366 D-Medical Lieutenant Commander
2370s 2373 Command Lieutenant Commander 2373 Engineering Lieutenant Commander 2373 Medical Lieutenant Commander

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