Alternate timeline
(covers information from Warship Voyager)



First Female (Male Equivalent)




135 lbs.


Light Brown






Bajor Prime


February 11, 2537


None (InterGalactic Explorer/Mercenary)



Commanding officer




Grand Nagus (in 2568)



Leraren Heron (1st mother)


Teri Heron (2nd mother)

354154 large
For prime universe counterpart, see Leeta.

Leeta Heron is the Heiress of the Heron Batorax Corporation a Bajorian Super Multi-Complex Corporation which holds several contracts with Vekxul Ultrawarp Corporation. She is also the Commanding officer of the Mercenary-class Vek-Xul Ultra-Ship Vesper and also in 2568 became the first Female Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Trade Federation (Her most noted accomplishment).



Leeta Anerox Heron was born on February 11, 2537 in Bajorian Capitol City, Vedek Prime, Bajor to parents First Mother Leraren and Second Mother Teri Heron. An only child Leeta was the sole heir to the entire Heron Batorax MultiJillion Latinum unit fortune.


Leeta was home schooled for all of her childhood and adolescence. During which Leeta excelled in many fields of Science, Mathematics, Physics, and tactical weapons skills which include:

  • Astrometrics (her favorite subject)
  • Quantum (Sub and basic), Particle, And Quad-Mechanical Physics
  • Temporal Mechanics
  • Tactical Energy Weapons Training (4 years)
  • At least a known minimum of 4 disciplines of various forms of Meta-Physics.

While Leeta was not required to Join the Bajorian Tactical Militia which was a privilege among the wealthy and elite of Bajor. By the age of 18 Leeta began to become listless and bored with the indulgent and slow lives of her family and friends. So after the completion of her education Leeta began working a series of jobs as part of a personal quest to find both personal and intellectual Stimulation and excitement.

Careers (Pre Captaincy)Edit

Before buying and becoming Captain of the Vesper Leeta has worked in the following fields/occupations:

  • Bajorian comfort woman
  • Serving Maiden (at a local zero-gravity restaurant)
  • Ships mechanic (civilian equivalent to Chief Engineer)
  • Dabo Girl

Career as Vesper CaptainEdit

After moving from one short lived occupation to the next Leeta after several years of gathering and saving her money earned from these many jobs along with the combination of her parents large allowance finally was able of achieving her dream of becoming captain of her own starship. While having not received any formal training for either the command and maintenance of a starship Leeta had already known that many independently constructed ships were fully or mainly automated so a high knowledge of command training or experience was not required also Leeta's parents were friends with several prominent members of Vekxul Corp. which allowed her to purchase the Vesper at a somewhat lower price than their average customer.

After her purchase of the Vesper Leeta began to heavily re-customize a large portion of the vespers systems and living sections in order to lessen the cold and sterile military appearance and feel of the massive cruiser also as well as to make things more comfortable for many of her friends who would accompany her on the ships maiden voyage.

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