Mirror Universe
(coexisting on another dimensional plane)
For prime universe counterpart, see Kyara.

Kyara was a Ultari female living in the Ultari Empire. She was a loyal daughter of the Ultari Empire and was willing to do anything to promote its ideals. Unlike her prime universe counterpart who was kind and compassionate, this Kyara was ruthless and cruel.


Kyara was the youngest child of the Ultari Emperor. Because she was the youngest she was mocked, bullied and tortured by her older brothers. These experiences transformed her into a ruthless survivalist who would do anything to gain an edge over her enemies.

When she was 17, she was admitted into the royal military academy. There, she quickly rose through the ranks until even her senior officers began to fear her. When she graduated she became the Empire's Enforcer, promoting the ideals of her people and horribly torturing those who stood in the way of the empire.

In a chance encounter with the Vengeance, she was kidnapped and held prisoner aboard the ship. That universe's Tristan Marshal quickly became infatuated with her. The two made love in exchange for her freedom. Tristan quietly broke her out of her cell and took her to the escape pods. Just as he opened the pod for her she silently drew her knife and stabbed him in the back, saying that he had served his purpose and that she didn't need him anymore.