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USS Templar (2387-2421)
USS Phoenix (2422-)

For mirror universe person, see Kyara (mirror).

Kyara was a Ultari female.


Childhood and Initiation into the JusticarsEdit

Kyara was originally from the the 28th century. In that time, the Ultari had suffered a devastating defeat in a bloody war against the Federation. By the time Kyara was born the Ultari were just beginning to recover. In the years following the war, the Ultari had shifted from a miltaristic culture to a monastic one that focused on spiritual enlightenment.

Rescue and aboard the TemplarEdit

In 3347, at the age of twenty, Kyara was kidnapped by pirates from the past and taken into the 24th century. During one of their many attacks in the defunct Romulan Neutral Zone, the pirates encountered the USS Templar. The ship was disabled and the pirates taken prisoner. While leading a search party on their ship, the captain, a Tristan Marshall found princess Kyara. Soon after, an Ultari battleship attacked the Templar and demanded that they give them Kyara. They told them she was a traitor and marked for death. After a battle between the ships the Ultaris were forced to retreat on the condition that Kyara never return to Ultari space. Without a home, Kyara was welcomed aboard the Templar. Her futuristic knowledge proved useful and she was able to eventually rise to the rank of science officer.


Shortly after taking on a group of trainees aboard the Templar, an Ultari battleship attacked the Templar and knew exactly where to hit them, causing severe damage. The Templar just barely managed to escape. The Ultari didn't have that knowledge the first time they fought and this lead most of the crew to distrust Kyara. They believed that she was a double agent and was feeding the Ultari Empire secrets about the Federation.

Tristan, not wanting to believe that she was a spy but still having to protect his crew and his ship from any possible danger as his first priority, placed Kyara in the brig and mounted a full investigation.


  • Kyara has a very talented singing voice.

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