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Kor, son of Rynar, was a Klingon warrior, later Dahar Master, who was later quite renown in the Klingon Empire. He would later die in battle against the Dominion, though this is open to personal translation.

Early Life

Like most of his species, Kor had to endure the weakening affects of the Augment Virus. Later in life, he would state that, affected thereby, he acted more like a Romulan than any true Klingon.

Service to the Empire

In 2267, when the Federation and the Klingon Empire came into open war for a brief time, Kor led an occupation force onto neutral Organia. Unfortunately, his efforts were affronted by James T. Kirk, and later the Organians, who interfered and forced him and his warriors to stop fighting the Federation. Kor later commented that, had they fought, "it would have been glorious".

Kor was later assigned to the IKS Klothos, one of the first Klingon Bird-of-Prey vessels to be equipped with a cloaking device. It was during this time that he met Kang, who would become like a brother to him later in life. It was also during his command on the Klothos that Kor once again met up with James T. Kirk and the USS Enterprise.

Kor would later go into battle against the Romulans at the legendary Battle of Klach D'Kel Brakt, as well as the Battle of Korma Pass against T'nag's army.

Later Years

In 2289, Kor became friends with a Trill named Curzon Dax. Later that year, Kor and Curzon, along with Kang and Koloth captured depradators serving the Albino. Though the Albino escaped, he swore to take his vengeance on the four of them. In 2290, his threat proved true when he killed Kor's son. Along with Dax, Koloth and Kang, Kor pledged a blood-oath to find and kill the Albino.

In 2344, Kor, Koloth and Kang once again encountered the Federation. This time, it was due to a piece of leaked misinformation. During their hunt for vengeance, the Albino gave false information out that he was taking refuge with the Federation, onboard the USS Enterprise-C. The situation almost escalated into war, until Captain Shield was able to gain the trust of the three warriors and convince them that the Albino wasn't onboard his ship.

In 2370, Kor, Kang, Koloth and Dax, now as Jadzia Dax, found and slew the Albino, though Kang and Koloth died in the attempt. Two years later, Kor, Dax and Worf discovered the Sword of Kahless in the Gamma Quadrant. In 2375, after having lost influence in the Klingon High Council, Kor went into battle against the Dominion. Though he never saw any action, he sacrificed himself to save his comrades against the Jem'Hadar.

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