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Koloth, son of Q'laaR, was a Klingon warrior and Dahar Master.

Early CareerEdit

Like most of his race, Koloth had to endure the humiliation of the Augment virus, which made him look little better than a human. Fortunately, Koloth was able to regain his racial distinctions.

Encounter with the EnterpriseEdit

Koloth had encountered James T. Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise before his encounter on Deep Space Station K-7, but it was the encounter on K-7 that changed Koloth's career forever. After six months of patrolling the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone, Koloth took his ship, the IKS Gr'oth to K-7 for shore leave, unaware that a Klingon agent was working onboard the station to circumvent Federation colonization efforts in the area. After the bar-fight on K-7, Koloth demoted his First Officer Krell for behaving dishonorably before appearing before Kirk and demanding that he and his ship take full responsibility for assaulting Klingon "nationals".

Kirk refused, due to the recently discovered Klingon spy. Koloth took Arne Darvin with him back to Qo'noS to be publically dishonored for his discovery, when the Gr'oth was suddenly discovered to be full of tribbles. Koloth felt personally dishonored by Kirk and would later claim that he wished to face the "petaQ" in battle.

It was due to this disgrace that Koloth personally asked Chancellor Gorkon to lead the xenocidal crusade against the tribbles in the late 23rd century.

Later CareerEdit

Koloth served the Empire honorably throughout his life, earning fame for the Battle of Korma Pass, during which he was reunited with Kang and Kor. Shortly after this, he met their mutual friend Curzon Dax during negotiations at the Korvat colony.

After the death of his son by the Albino, Koloth swore a blood-oath to kill the depredator in the name of honor, along with his comrades Kang and Kor. He continued to serve the Empire despite his loss, mentoring Chancellor Azetbur's daughter K'hallA in the use of the bat'leth.

Koloth, along with Kang, went to 'Sto-vo-kor when they found and engaged the Albino in 2370.

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