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Klingon-Cardassian Alliance
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Early 23rd century


Bajoran Milita
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Central Leaders:


Commanding Officers:

Kira Nerys


In the mirror universe, the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance was the dominant military and political power of the Alpha Quadrant, after its overthrow of the Terran Empire. The Klingons agreed to this alliance after the explosion of Praxis (Glass Empires, The Gift).

General HistoryEdit

The key to such an alliance between these two nations was the Republic of Bajor, whose role as a power-broker ensured a level of equality that otherwise would not have been able to exist. The Alliance defeated and conquered the Terran Empire, already weakened by the reforms of Spock, and condemned all non-Alliance races and cultures to slavery. In 2370s, the Alliance was the dominant power in the Alpha and Beta Quadrant region. The Alliance suffered a set back in 2370 when the Terran Rebellion was formed by Benjamin Sisko. The rebellion continued to be a problem for the Alliance, successfully gaining and holding Terok Nor in 2372 and capturing Regent Worf in 2375.

Hierarchy of the AllianceEdit


The regent was usually the supreme commander of the Alliance. There are usually two regents, one for Cardassians and the other for the Klingons. The Cardassian regent usually acts as a governmental unit, while the Klingon regent governs the military, and any combative action.

Here are several known regents.


Since the regent could not personally oversee every single sector within their regency, intendants were delegated to oversee each specific sector or, sometimes, a single planet.

Here are several known intendants.

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