The Klendth system is a star system in the Vulcan sector of the Beta Quadrant, approximately 8 lightyears from Vulcan. It consists of a single class G white star orbited by 8 planets, with a few dozen moons.

In the 22nd century, it was considered within Vulcan space. Following the foundation of the United Federation of Planets, it was within Federation space. It has one planet capable of supporting humanoid life, Klendth III. Though there was no natural intelligent life there, it was colonized by the Vulcans in the 19th century with the founding of the Loonkerian Outpost.

From 2311 to 2374, a small orbital facility orbited Klendth III operated jointly by Starfleet and the civilian government of the planet. It was destroyed by a Jem'Hadar fighter during the Dominion War, and though plans to rebuild it have been in place since 2376, there was still no physical work done as of 2379. The planet remains a moderately important trade outpost in the area, with hundreds of ships passing through a month.

Solar and Planetary bodiesEdit

  • Klendth star (primary) - Class G
    • Klendth I - Class D
    • Klendth II - Class N
      • 1 moon
    • Klendth III - Class L colony world
    • Klendth IV - Class D
    • Klendth V - Class D
      • 6 moons
    • Klendth VI - Class J gas giant
      • 19 moons
    • Klendth VII - Class D
      • 2 moons

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