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Kingdom of Qallor
Qallor emblem


1000 BC




Theistic Monarchy

"Q'll oDahlm (Will of Dahlm)"
— motto 

The Kingdom of Qallor (Qallor meaning in their tongue willing) is an intergalactic governing power from the Triangulum Galaxy.

Structure and GovernmentEdit

Unlike the Kellios Empire, the Dawyuum Republic or the Federation, the Kingdom of Qallor is extremely religious, believing that their gods (all nine trillion of them) gave the first Qallor King the divine right to rule their people. All of the people of the Kingdom are religiously fanatic, loyal to their king unto a fault, and are willing to sacrifice their lives in service to him.

The God-KingEdit

Believed to be an incarnation of the will of their nine trillion gods, the King is the central religious and political figure. The people of the Kingdom of Qallor do not believe in the separation of church and state: they believe that their gods gave authority to the king to order the command of the people in all ways.

The PeopleEdit

All who swear their undying allegiance to the King of Qallor are called the people. They consist of any and all the rest of the people: anyone other than the King is part of the People.


Qallor tradition holds that the gods issued the chaos that held the Triangulum Galaxy over the past several thousand years as a trial to see who could overcome. The first King of Qallor was able to establish order on nine worlds, and therefore appeased the gods, being appointed by the gods to represent them to the galaxy as well as giving him or her their mandate to rule. The other rivals, the Kellios Empire and the Dawyuum Republic, were declared by the King, the messenger for their gods, to be heretics and therefore should be destroyed or forced to convert.

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