Coalition of Planets Starfleet


Decommissioned in 2201


The Kendara was an NX-class starship in service with the Coalition of Planets. It was commanded by Captain Adam Garrison and included crew members such as Lieutenant T'Lek and Ensign Kayla Johansson. The Kendara was decommissioned in 2201 after nearly fifty years of active service. In that time period, the Kendara was refitted multiple times and experienced multiple battles. (Star Trek: Kendara)

Early ServiceEdit

In its early service, the Kendara encountered many future allies and enemies including the rather prideful Nkrit. During a mission to defend the planet of Nevanak Prime, the Kendara destroyed nearly thirty Nkirtan Navy starships that were attempting to assault the planet. The Nevankan Nation eventually became part of the new Coalition. In a mission in 2160, the Kendara was sent to investigate a strange phenomenon near Yttar, a presumably uninhabited solar system near the T'Nek-B'Akl Empire. The T'Nek-B'Aklans had employed a large solar energy collection array near Yttar Prime, a world only then discovered by the Kendara’s crew to be populated by a race of sentient life forms calling themselves Yttarn.

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