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Kellios Empire
Kellios emblem01


1000 BC





"D'ddnmr Kllj (Kelljo Wills)"
— motto

The Kellios Empire is an intergalactic governing power from the Triangulum Galaxy.

Structure and GovernmentEdit

Like it sounds, the Kellios Empire is ruled by an emperor. The social structure of the Empire consists of three castes.

Upper CasteEdit

The Emperor and his race are called the Imperial Caste, which consist of the imperial guards and the Royal Family.

Middle CasteEdit

The merchants and skilled artisans control the Skilled Caste. Other members of this caste are the members of the Imperial Navy such as the enlisted, not counting senior officers, captains, commodores and admirals, which belong to the Imperial Caste. This caste consists of members of many conquered races which racially excel in their own occupations.

Lower CasteEdit

This is the largest caste, which consist of serfs and slaves, called the Unwilling Caste. Conquered races as well as those races considered inferior are part of this caste.


The Triangulum Galaxy was in a state of civil war for almost three thousand years into its ancient past. After a time, three super-powers came into prominence: among them was the Kellios Empire, headed by Emperor Kelljo. Its other two enemies, the Dawyuum Republic and the Kingdom of Qallor, refused to join the Empire and the galaxy became on the brink of war once again.

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