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Kanril Eleya
Kanril Eleya captain




185 centimeters


62 kilograms




Priyat, Kendra Province, Bajor




Federation, Starfleet



military officer

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CO, USS Bajor


CaptainRed Capt 2400s





Kanril Torvo


Kanril Shora


Armen Teran (sister)
Armen Aldos (brother-in-law)

Marital Status:



Reshek Gaarra (boyfriend)

Other Relatives:

Kanril Sharya (cousin)

For mirror universe counterpart, see Kanril Eleya (mirror).

Kanril Eleya was the commanding officer of the USS Bajor in 2409. A Bajoran who was formerly a sergeant in the Bajoran Militia, she entered Starfleet in 2401.


Early life

Kanril was born in Priyat, a small town in Bajor's Kendra Province, in 2380 to Kanril Torvo and Shora, town maintenance workers. By all accounts she had a fairly ordinary childhood. (B&S: "From Bajor to the Black, Part I")

Bajoran Militia

Not wishing to become a maintenance worker like her parents, Kanril enlisted in the Bajoran Militia in 2397 and was assigned to the patrol frigate RBS Kira Nerys as a gunnery technician. By 2399 she had reached the rank of sergeant. (B&S: "From Bajor to the Black, Part I")

The Kira was ambushed by an Orion pirate vessel that had hidden itself in the tail of a comet, beaming multiple boarding parties aboard. Kanril and seven other members of her gunnery crew manned a barricade outside the compartment to keep the Orions from disabling the ship's spinal phaser cannon. By the time the compartment was secure six of her crew were dead. Kanril and Borma Davos, the other survivor, then responded to a distress call from sickbay. They were attacked by a knife-wielding Orion matron who swiftly incapacitated Davos, then wounded Kanril in the face and stabbed her in the kidney before an arriving squad shot the matron in the back, killing her. During her subsequent convalescence Kanril was awarded the Silver Cross for her bravery during the incident. She continued to have frequent nightmares about the events of that night as late as 2409. (B&S: "Nebula Surveys are Boring. Film at Eleven.")

Starfleet career

In early 2401 the Bajoran Militia decommissioned the long-obsolete Kira Nerys and became a purely terrestrial organization. Kanril Eleya was able to secure an appointment to Starfleet Academy and enrolled in the fall of that year on an accelerated course track. Though her major was starship weapons, she took enough command track courses to qualify as a commanding officer and finally graduated in 2403. (B&S: "From Bajor to the Black, Part I", "From Bajor to the Black, Part II")

She subsequently served two tours of duty as a gunnery officer aboard the USS Betazed on the border with what remained of the Romulan Star Empire. In 2405 she was promoted to lieutenant junior grade and reassigned to Deep Space 9 for six months to serve as an assistant liaison officer to the Bajoran Militia.

In 2406 she was assigned to the Shi'Kahr-class starship USS Kagoshima as second shift weapons officer. (B&S: "From Bajor to the Black, Part II")

Promotion to command

In early 2407 the Borg, who had been quiet for thirty years, suddenly appeared in the Alpha Quadrant in force, attacking a Federation fleet gathered in the Vega system that included the USS Kagoshima. During the battle Captain Alfred Detweiler ordered Kanril to beam to the stricken USS Khitomer to help them repel boarders. The sortie was successful and the Khitomer managed to get underway, but then the Kagoshima sent a distress call: The bridge had been hit and the ship boarded, and the entire command staff was dead or assimilated, leaving Kanril the seniormost officer alive. Captain Jay Yim of the Khitomer sent Ensign Tesjha Phohl to help, and Kanril took command of the ship from the battle bridge and managed to marshal the fleet into some semblance of order to drive off the Borg. (B&S: "From Bajor to the Black, Part II")

The damaged Kagoshima spent two weeks in the shipyard being repaired, during which time Rear Admiral Brenth Arkad confirmed her brevet promotion to lieutenant commander and confirmed her as the Kagoshima's permanent commanding officer. Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn mentioned that ordinarily this wouldn't have happened, but Starfleet was in somewhat of a manpower crunch due to several brushfire conflicts and the ongoing Third Federation-Klingon War. Quinn also put in orders that if Kanril proved herself a competent CO over her next tour, she would be fast-tracked to captain. (B&S: "From Bajor to the Black, Part II", "The Universe Doesn't Cheat", "Nebula Surveys are Boring. Film at Eleven.")

The Kagoshima was deployed to the Klingon front and Kanril and her crew served with distinction on a string of sorties against the Klingon Defense Force. During this period she gained seasoning as a CO with some help from two older officers on her command crew: her science officer Lieutenant Birail Riyannis, a Trill with the memories of three previous hosts, and her operations officer, the Vulcan logistics specialist Lieutenant T'Var.

In September 2407 Kanril and crew rescued several Federation diplomats and Lieutenant Miral Paris in the Alpha Leonis system. She was transferred to the Excalibur III-class cruiser USS John Paul Jones. At her request, her command staff came with her.


The John Paul Jones continued to sortie against the Klingons and other enemies of the Federation throughout the year. In July of that year Kanril Eleya applied and was accepted for MACO training. Tesjha Phohl took command of the Jones during this period but made certain Starfleet Command knew it was temporary and that she would step down when her captain returned. After the six-week course Kanril graduated fourth out of her class of thirty-five.

In October 2408 Kanril was offered to be the first captain of the Stargazer-class heavy cruiser USS George Hammond. She accepted and was promoted to commander, and again brought her command crew along.


In mid-February 2409 the Hammond was assigned to a Starfleet relief expedition to rescue a diplomatic party under attack by the Klingons. Kanril led her ship in an inconclusive skirmish with the IKS mupwI' under Lieutenant Brokosh during the ensuing rescue operation, then beamed to the surface to defeat their away teams.

The Hammond was severely damaged later that year in a three-way battle between Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, and the True Way terrorist organization. Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards condemned the ship and Kanril faced a board of inquiry for perceived failures during the battle. After additional information was obtained from the Hammond's damaged flight recorder, however, the board found that Kanril was not only innocent of any wrongdoing or negligence, but in fact worthy of the Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry for getting the ship out with as few casualties as she did after capturing the True Way flagship CDS Axon, then being set upon by ten Birds-of-Prey and a Negh'Var-class battle cruiser as she towed it out of the combat zone. Kanril was cleared, advanced to captain, and on Admiral Quinn's recommendation was offered the command of her choice. She requested the almost-complete Galaxy-class cruiser USS Bajor, and went home to Bajor for a month's leave while the ship was completed. Most of her surviving crew from the Hammond requested to stay with her.

Command of the Bajor

Kanril was present for the USS Bajor's launch ceremony on 9 August 2409. In the first month of her life the Bajor fought in over a dozen sorties against the Klingon Defense Force, then was diverted to Eta Eridani sector block to investigate the Devidians sighted during the boarding of the CDS Axon. Kanril ended up having to work with Section 31 Agent Franklin Drake, over the strenuous objections of both her and most of her crew who were cleared to know about it. Drake eventually sent Kanril and company back in time, twice, to defeat the Devidians' attack on a 22nd century Drozana Station, then controlled by the Federation. After that, Kanril swore she would have no more to do with either Section 31 or time travel.

The Bajor was rotated off the front lines in mid-November due to an ebb in the war, and reassigned to a three-week survey mission in the Delta Volanis cluster. After two years off-and-on at the front lines, Kanril and her crew found the mission tedious and boring. Kanril busied herself with a holographic novel based on the 21st century Earth science fiction novel series Star Carrier. During this time her operations officer T'Var was offered promotion to lieutenant commander and command of the USS Olokun, and with Kanril's encouragement accepted both.

Two weeks into the mission the Bajor was reassigned to the Beta Ursae Fleet Area, headquartered at Deep Space 9. Kanril put T'Var off the ship and took aboard Lieutenant Commander Reshek Gaarra as her replacement. (For further details, see the story series Bait and Switch.)


Kanril was easygoing and relatively lax about shipboard discipline, allowing her command staff in particular to call her by her first name (though only a couple of them took her up on it). She disliked paperwork and had a bad habit of not reading files.

Personal interests

Kanril enjoyed holonovels, and had a particular fondness for scenarios based on late 20th and early 21st century Earth science fiction.

In food, she had a great fondness for jumja sticks, a Bajoran sweet made from the sap of the jumja tree, and was noted to prefer hand-prepared to replicated. She also professed a liking for some Klingon foods such as gladst.  She also enjoyed the Hathon hammer, a Bajoran-origin cocktail.

Religious faith

Like most Bajorans Kanril was an adherent to the Bajoran religion, but she was relatively secular in outlook and ignored a number of religious practices, particularly the Time of Cleansing. Her Starfleet dossier stated that she was not particularly religious, and her chief medical officer Lieutenant Warragul Wirrpanda compared her to a "Christmas and Easter Christian", although she thought the latter was an exaggeration.

In particular she viewed the various prophecies as basically useless for all practical purposes, as the habitual vagueness of the ancient scholars made their interpretation very much a matter of perspective. She pointed in particular to Trakor's Third Prophecy, which, though it had arguably come true in 2371, it had done so in a manner that matched none of the interpretations historically proposed. (See DS9: "Destiny".) (B&S: "Reality Is Fluid, Part I")

Personal relationships

Jerrod Dalton

During her time at Starfleet Academy Kanril Eleya dated Jerrod Dalton, a science track cadet majoring in subspace physics. The two grew extremely close and even discussed marriage. This relationship was destined for sorrow, however, as her lover was offered a position on a long-term survey mission of the Gamma Quadrant aboard the USS Planck. Dalton initially turned down the job, but after seeing Kanril that night he realized he might end up resenting her for the missed opportunity. In the end he left in the middle of the night without saying goodbye and shipped out with the Planck. She would hate him with intensity equal to her former love for him for many years afterwards. (B&S: "From Bajor to the Black, Part II")

Reshek Gaarra

Due to a clerical error, when Lieutenant Commander T'Var was promoted off the USS Bajor to command the USS Olokun, her replacement Lieutenant Commander Reshek Gaarra never received the files on Captain Kanril, and Kanril had out of habit not read Reshek's dossier. The two of them coincidentally met at Quark's on Deep Space 9, both in civilian clothes, and ended up sleeping together. The next morning Reshek reported for duty at the Bajor to discover that the woman he went to bed with the previous night was his new captain. Kanril mostly avoided him for three days but he eventually cornered her in the officers' gym and pointed out he couldn't do his job with her avoiding him. He offered to request a transfer if working together was too difficult, but she decided they could at least wait until the end of the patrol in two weeks. (B&S: "Arrivals and Departures", "Civil Defense Patrol Is Boring, Too")

As the Bajor traveled to meet the Marduk Carrier Battle Group Kanril and Reshek ended up having a drink in Ten Forward, and eventually slept together in her quarters. The next morning they admitted to mutual attraction, but Kanril pointed out that them being together was technically against Starfleet regulations. However, word of their rendezvous got around the ship, and Commander Phohl, while citing regulations, told Kanril she'd look the other way if the two Bajorans chose to pursue a relationship as long as it didn't endanger the crew or the ship. Kanril and Reshek elected not to continue the relationship at that time, to simplify their working relationship. (B&S: "A Captain's Hardest Job", "The Cardassian and the Trill", "(untitled chapter)")

Some weeks later, however, Reshek was badly injured in an EPS conduit explosion and Kanril attempted to leave the bridge to check on him. Referring back to their earlier conversation, Phohl informed her captain that if she did so, the Andorian would summarily remove her from command under Starfleet Regulation 619. Kanril acquiesced and maintained command. Later, while the two Bajorans were in sickbay on Deep Space 9 (Reshek from injuries sustained in the explosion, Kanril due to minor brain damage suffered while speaking to an Undine), she admitted she was in love with him and he returned the sentiment. However, they decided to keep the relationship a secret from their crew. (B&S: "Reality Is Fluid, Part II", TWR: "Somebody Else's Wedding")


Kanril spoke at least four dialects of Bajoran, Kendran dialect being her native tongue, as well as Federation Standard English. She was also conversant in tlhIngan Hol and Cardassian, with the former being described as accurate but badly accented.


Alternate timelines

Alternate timeline
(covers information from Temporal Ambassador)
In an alternate timeline Kanril Eleya was the skipper of a Tuffli-class freighter working for the Tholians after the Dominion conquered the Alpha Quadrant. She befriended a timeline-displaced Natasha Yar on a freight run, and helped her and her crew reclaim the captured USS Enterprise-C. The Ambassador-class came under attack by Tholian reinforcements during the escape but the Federation timeship USS Pastak appeared and helped them escape. With the Enterprise returned to its correct time period, this timeline was erased.

Behind the scenes

Kanril Eleya was originally a Federation tactical toon created by StarSword in Star Trek Online. He later made her the viewpoint character of his story Bait and Switch.

StarSword's preferred voice actor for Eleya is Jennifer Hale.