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Kang, son of K'naiah, (who was the son of Klaang), was a Klingon warrior, who became a Dahar Master later on in his life. By the 24th century, he and his exploits were the stuff of Klingon legend.

Service to the Empire

Kang had to endure the dishonor of most 23rd century Klingons in that he had the Klingon Augment virus, which robbed him of his racial distinctions (i.e. cranial ridges, Klingon anatomy, Klingon mentality, etc.).

Regardless, he was a great warrior in his time. One of his greatest exploits was an encounter with the USS Enterprise and James T. Kirk, where Kirk and Kang formed an alliance to defeat a malevolent entity. TOS: "Day of the Dove". His second encounter with Kirk occurred when the latter was forced by the Federation Council to deliver the cure for the Augment virus to Qo'noS.

In 2293, Kang encountered humans again. This time, he encountered the USS Excelsior as it tried to pass through Klingon space to rescue James T. Kirk, who was now a prisoner of the Empire. Captain Sulu and Ensign Tuvok disabled Kang's ship, the IKS Ko'Was, which allowed him to get through the Azure Nebula without incident, but Kang would later forget this slight against him.

Personal Life

Klingon Rotarran officer 1

Kang's wife Mara (2300)

Kang and his wife Mara had one child: named after his best friend, a Trill named Curzon Dax. When Dax, son of Kang, was slain by "the Albino", Kang, along with his two greatest comrades Kor and Koloth, swore a blood-oath to kill the Albino.

While hunting the Albino, he and his comrades received misinformation that led them to believe he was hiding with the Federation. This almost escalated into an act of war when he attacked the ship they believed him to be hiding on: the USS Enterprise-C. Fortunately, he was able to gain the trust of the captain of the Enterprise and learn that the Albino was not onboard the Federation vessel.

In 2370, Kang, with the help of his two comrades and Curzon Dax (joined to Jadzia Dax), slew the Albino, even though it cost him his life.

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