Female (due to a genetic mutation before fertilization)




(hatched on the USS Admonitor)






USS Admonitor



USS Admonitor


Jek'Kralija is the first Jem'Hadar female.


Since the Dominion genetically engineered the Jem'Hadar into a race of super-soldiers who felt nothing more than the compulsion to fight and die for the Founders, there are no females in their society. Kralija's birth came about because a hatching pod of several Jem'Hadar was infected by humanoid DNA. The pod was effectively ejected into the vacuum of space. Most of the hatchlings died off, but Kralija was still undeveloped (in the cellular stage of growth) and the bio-cocoon of her pod provided enough protection to keep the hatchling in a permanent dormant state.

The First FemaleEdit

When the pod was discovered by the USS Admonitor some seven years after it was ejected, Kralija's pod was still in dormant stasis. When it was beamed onto the Sick Bay of the Admonitor, the change in environment catalyzed the growth process, which had been halted for several years. The egg grew and Kralija was hatched in seven hours. Three days later, she achieved maturity.

The SaviorEdit

During a venture into the Gamma Quadrant, Jek saw her people for the first time and the enslavement they endured under the Dominion. Having heard of a prophecy that one of their own would save them, Jek chose to fulfill that and be the one to save her people and make a destiny for them.

The MartyrEdit

A group of Jem'Hadar who escaped the Dominion's rule because of the appearance of "conscientious behavior" came before Jek and asked her to return to the Gamma Quadrant to save the rest of them from destruction, since the Dominion believed that, with this sudden "defect" growing, the Jem'Hadar were an inefficient warrior-race and began killing them off.

She went back, but was killed by Ajam. Her death spurred the Jem'Hadar to action, and was revered as both a martyr and a religious figure among the Jem'Hadar who left the Dominion.


  • Jek does not possess mammary glands. Since Jem'Hadar are grown in eggs, she lays eggs (at will, and not on any cycle).

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