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Jastaihr are a species from their planet Atpajhalos S, in the Beta Quadrant. They acquired warp drive at about the same time the humans had discovered electricity. They joined Starfleet a few decades after the Tellarites did.


Jastaihr are a normal humanoid shape besides a few oddities:

  • They have large, curly, and thick black hair
  • They have a pale or an olive-ish pale skin colour
  • They grow a copper nose 'shell' on their nose
  • They have medium to large head sizes
  • They have pointed ears similar to Vulcans
  • They can't grow facial hair besides eyebrows, and for males only, necks

Psychology/Thinking ProcessEdit

They have odd behaviors and have a similar think process similar to the autistic thinking process. They have been known to obsess over things, especially fictional settings.

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