Planet of Origin:

Jasia Prime


Republic Nation of Jasia, United Federation of Planets (Late-2403)

Life Span:

80-90 galactic standard years


Physical Description

The Jasians are physically the same as humans except a few features. Jasian blood is fully clear and quickly dries. They also can retain energy by absorbing sunlight through skin, a little like photosynthesis. It is widely believed that it the photosynthesis is better with the red skin. This trait allows them to spend long amounts of time without food or water. All Jasians have a gland within their sweat glands that are controllable and shoot out pheromones that attract opposite sex. The glands come into place during their puberty, which starts at around the age of ten. Only under rare conditions can make the glands uncontrollable, but usually males have the disorder. The pheromones are highly potent, but only to others of the species. It has been known to be effective on Orions and Deltans as well. Jasians usually have litters of two to three during pregnancy.