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Jane T. Kirk
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March 22, 2233


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Jane Kirk
For additional meanings of "James T. Kirk", please see James T. Kirk (disambiguation).

In an alternate reality, Jane T. Kirk, a counterpart of James T. Kirk, was the captain of the Foundation starship Enterprise. Over the span of three decades in the later 23rd century, she commanded the Constitution class starships USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-A, serving Federation interests as an explorer, time-traveler, and diplomat.

Biography Edit

Jane Thalia Kirk was born in Iowa on Earth.  Her parents were William and Grace Kirk.

At the age of 19, Kirk entered Starfleet Academy where she quickly achieved the rank of lieutenant (after four years).  

She was later assigned to the USS Yorktown where she was revered by her commanding officers as one of the most dillegent and ambitious officers aboard the ship.  Before leaving the Yorktown, she had reached the rank of lieutenant commander.

By 2258, she was assigned to the USS Enterprise under Captain Kristin Pike.  She was promoted to commander in 2261 and later captain in 2265.

Kirk captained the Enterprise for nearly twenty years, finally giving command to her first officer Saavik.  She was given the rank of admiral, and given a desk job back on Earth.  It wasn't until 2288 that she got back into space.

She was later on declared dead in 2293, during the USS Enterprise-B's maiden voyage.

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