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Mirror Universe
(coexisting on another dimensional plane)
Jane Irene Moriarty


Photonic energy being (Hologram)




New Terran Empire



Imperial Command Operations Officer


ISS Phoenix (NCC-128442)


Second officer

Jane Moriarty (mirror) 02
Jane in more basic female Terran Imperial attire
For prime universe counterpart, see John Moriarty.

Jane Irene Moriarty (primarily) was a fictional character within the fictional universe of female Victorian literary detective Sherlock Holmes. However, by the late 24th century due to the "discovery" of advanced Holographic technology, Jane Moriarty was the Command Core Hologram of Terran Imperial Warship ISS Phoenix.

Moriarty's cool analytical mind and ruthless determination led her to become the near deciding element of the near annexing and downfall of the Imperial Federation of United Planets.

Fictional History

"Professoress" Jane Moriarty originally was one of the central fictional characters of the 'Sherlock Holmes' novella series. Written as smart, as beautiful, and as ruthless as her Imperial Inspector counterpart.

Within the fiction Jane was termed as the "Marie Antoinette of Crime" and as such performed over the top spectacular crimes such as holding all of North America for ransom, kidnapping nearly every attractive woman in the world for a white slavery scheme, to even the abduction of the Emperor and the conquering of the Empire (this was before it was known as the Terran Empire) itself.

Jane and Sherlock met their fates both elaborately fighting and falling over into the Richenback Falls in the last printed book the fates of both characters never fully completed. It was believed years later that the books author Arthur Conan Doyle was arrested and placed into a Imperial reeducation camp for writing traitorous propaganda presumably with the story of Jane overthrowing the current Emperor.

However nevertheless the majority of Sherlock Holmes novels were still printed and read by countless school boys for centuries. One of whom was a prominent Terran Imperial Captain A.G. Anderson.

System History

Terran Imperial Captain Andrew Anderson was a avid fan of the Holmes since the age of 12. And now at the matured age of 52 Anderson realized mainly due to the harshness of daily Imperial service that some dreams were were unattainable. So after years of dutiful Imperial service Anderson was granted something he did dream of for quite a while. A easier command.

Anderson was given command of an older NX class ship the Imperator which would be used for the training and drilling of younger cadets from the ages of 12 to 15 in the basic day to day work and running of a Imperial warship.

Anderson assumed this would be fairly easy work with little demand for "promotions" that plagued ships with fully adult crews.