Jadzia Dax, née Idaris








2341 (as Jadzia)


2374 (as Dax)


Federation, Starfleet



USS Voyager


2373 Medical Lieutenant Commander


Jadzia Dax was a Trill female, the eighth host of the Dax Symbiont and a member of Deep Space Nine crew. She was murdered by Gul Skrain Dukat in 2374, but was rejoined to the Xon Symbiont in 2385 when a cloned "Jadzia" was created.

History as Dax SymbiontEdit

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History as Xon SymbiontEdit

Shavim Xon was a Trill male who served on the USS Admonitor from 2340 to 2344. He was killed by Dr. von Aldrich during a coup, but the Xon Symbiont was sent to Yakob Sanders on Earth by Gradl, rather than to Trill, to be cryogenically frozen. Gradl believed that the Xon would prove useful in later years, should the Admonitor survive, as it would have intimate knowledge of the ship and be able to aid the Federation in thwarting the plans of their captain.

In 2385, Alynna Nechayev (a member of the Order to which Dr. von Aldrich, Gradl and Sanders had belonged) discovered the Xon Symbiont and decided to resurrect it prematurely in order to keep an eye on Vice Admiral Janeway and her ship, the USS Voyager. Despite the legal and ethical ramifications, Nechayev had Jadzia's body exhumed and taken off Trill to Earth where its DNA was extracted for cloning a replica. The remains were then incinerated and the clone of Jadzia was created, that was later joined with the Xon Symbiont.

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