Planet of Origin:



Insian Empire

Environmental Needs:

Class M

Life Span:



The Isian species is in the Ticona Galaxy. They were great stellar cartographers and quickly found their way to space from their homeworld, Intarsalianir. He is the ex-finacee of Lillian Crusher, the granddaughter of Beverly Crusher.

Physical DescriptionEdit

They are mostly identical to Humans. They usually have lean builds. Their body has some birthmarks that are shaped in unique ways. Myths have mistaken the birthmarks as star configurations. They have a small tint of gold in their skin. Their insides are identical to the Human's organ configuration. They have senses to determine if they are going to their location. Hagnahtsal rituals find out what their location is using their birthmarks.


Isians are natural cartographers their culture heavily relies on the stars. They have Hagnahtsal, which is a ritual where the alignment of the birth marks they have, show where their senses lead them to. They believe if the Isian finds their calling, they will be blessed after that time. Recently, Isians have thought the blessing is more of superstition then anything else.

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