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Iotan asteroid belt

The Iotan asteroid belt and the icy fourth planet.

The Iota system is located in the, largely unexplored, Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

It is 103.2 light years from the Sol System. The system has eight planets, an asteroid and kuiper belt, and a red giant star.

In 2334, a few million Christians secretly moved to the system, first colonizing the only Class-M Planet in the system, Iota Four. Then Iota Three in 2348 and Iota Two in 2357.

Later, when The Movement was started, their headquarters were located underground on the acidic second planet. 

The system is also known to have been completely uninhabited before it's colonization.

Planetary Bodies

Iota One

Type: Cratered Terrestrial Moons: 1 Diameter: 5,450 miles Rotation Period: 5 days 2 hours Orbital Period: 82 years Average Temperature: 200 degrees F Atmosphere: Thick layer of CO2

Iota Two

Type: Cratered Terrestrial Moons: 0 Diameter: 4,710 miles Rotation Period: 3 days Orbital Period: 5 years Average Temperature: 100 degrees F Atmosphere: None

Iota Three

Type: Sulfuric Terrestrial Moons: 0 Diameter: 9,752 miles Rotation Period: 1 day 3 hours Orbital Period: 327 days Average Temperature: 75 degrees F Atmosphere: N2, O2, Ar

Iota Four

Type: Earth-like Terrestrial Moons: 2 Diameter: 8,731 miles Rotation Period: 23 hours 5 minutes Orbital Period: 293 days Average Temperature: 60 degrees F Atmosphere: N2, O2, Ar

Iota Five

Type: Icy Terrestrial Moons: 2 Diameter: 6,459 miles Rotation Period: 1 day 1 hour Orbital Period: 2 years 1 month Average Temperature: 20 degrees F Atmosphere: N2, O2

Iota Six

Type: Gas Giant Moons: 83 Diameter: 398,487 miles Rotation Period: 3 days 14 hours Orbital Period: 46 years Average Temperature: 15 degrees F Atmosphere: He, CH4

Iota Seven

Type: Ice/Gas Giant Moons: 9 Diameter: 44,752 miles Rotation Period: 10 hours Orbital Period: 327 days Average Temperature: 65 degrees F Atmosphere: H, He

Iota Eight

Type: Ice Giant Moons: 20 Diameter: 12,057 miles Rotation Period: 8 days 3 hours Orbital Period: 476 days Average Temperature: -75 degrees F Atmosphere: H, O, CH4 (completely frozen)