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InterQuadratal Warp Drive (also known as Teleport or Transport Warp) is a advanced form of propulsion drive utilized on many warships in and throughout the 25th century. Its name comes from its ability to move through any extreme fold or non-dimensional gap in subspace and transport a ship within only mere seconds or Nanoseconds.

System MechanicsEdit

The central core unit of the drive system is a large circular Plasma Dispersion array which creates a perfect Sub-Space Displacement/Removal Field Sphere around itself. The sphere (as is said in its name) either displaces (creating an Warp or Ultra-Warp effect) or "removes" Sub-Space. In this process the drive annihilates all surrounding Sub-Space at a Sub-Quantum level creating a small enough non-dimensional corridor in which the ship can enter nearly at any point in either the universe or galaxy. As the ship enters the corridor it automatically activates the ships internal Dimensional Cohesion Generator which acts as a Non-Dimensional shield.

System HistoryEdit

The system was originally constructed in 2394 by the BORG Interarchy as a replacement system to both Trans and Ultra-Warp propulsion systems. It was first given and researched by the Imperial Federation of United Worlds in 2396.

The warp system was considered once to be utilized as an possible weapons system however once it was seen that the surrounding damage would be far too catastrophic the system was categorized as a Red Class 1 High Risk System.

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