An Interceptor Squadron is a squadron type of the Starfleet Starfighter Corps consisting of craft that are faster than average, and are tasked with preventing their targets from getting too close to their base of operations.

Notable Interceptor SquadronsEdit

SFFC Interceptor Squadrons
Designation Name Craft Type Current Assignment Commander
FI-4 Aztec Valkyrie USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Major Grumnsh
FI-6 Navajo Bonzai USS Concorde (NCC-68001) Lieutenant Vorex na'Elthar
FS-13 Bolt Valkyrie (II) Starbase Atlantis Lieutenant Piotr Rasputin
FI-30 Canaan Bonzai USS Galactica (NCC-75075) (unknown)
FI-42 Griffon Valkyrie USS Relentless (NCC-72010-A) (unknown)
FI-50 Leo Bonzai USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
FI-63 Chunfen Valkyrie (II) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
FI-80 Glorieta Bonzai USS Canby (NCC-77899) (unknown)
FI-79 Champion Valkyrie USS Protector (NCC-77899) (unknown)
FI-80 Crusader Bonzai Starbase Atlantis (unknown)
FI-86 Rebel Valkyrie (II) USS Miranda-B (unknown)
FI-94 Golden Eagle Bonzai USS Nelson (NCC-73439) (unknown)
FI-106 Gladiator Valkyrie (II) Starbase Atlantis Lieutenant Lisnaar Jolis
FI-125 Cobalt Bonzai USS Swift Water (NCC-76805) (unknown)
FI-142 Gator Bonzai USS Hiryu (NCC-80216) (unknown)
FI-150 Defender Valkyrie USS Protector (NCC-77910) (unknown)
FI-174 Cobra Bonzai Starbase One (unknown)
FI-178 Chesaltana (unknown) USS Columbia (NCC-75072) (unknown)
FI-180 Gate Keeper Valkyrie USS Eagle (NCC-25618-B) (unknown)
FI-200 Wolf Pack Valkyrie USS Beowulf (NCC-24462-A) Major Jono Porkins
FI-201 Thaddaeus Valkyrie USS Galactica (NCC-75075) (unknown)
FI-255 Warlord Valkyrie (unknown) (unknown)
FI-251 Buccaneer Bonzai USS Tsunami (NCC-79020) (unknown)
FI-256 Hustler Bonzai USS Challenger (NCC-76941) (unknown)
FI-312 Sidewinder Bonzai Starbase One Major Wilson Reinke
FI-351 Convoglio Valkyrie USS Columbia (NCC-75072) (unknown)
FI-388 Corsair Bonzai Starbase Atlantis (unknown)
FI-404 Virgo Bonzai USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
FI-506 Hawkeye Valkyrie USS Tsunami (NCC-79020) (unknown)
FI-510 Firehawk Bonzai (unknown) (unknown)
FI-603 Guyu Valkyrie (II) USS Atlantia (NCC-80023) (unknown)
FI-654 Exterminator Bonzai USS Von Steinwehr (NCC-79939) (unknown)
FI-724 Zombie Bonzai USS Geneva (NCC-68992) (unknown)

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